Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day in the Life | Week 2

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the new direction of the blog. Through you sharing my link on Facebook with friends I was able to connect with a few new people doing this way of life. It feels great to be in the same company. Let's face it some people look at us like we are absolutely crazy for eating this way. I know that I am totally blessed to have some of my dearest friends and family choosing to eat this way and make changes in their nutrition. Something our family has done, is get together with other families to try new recipes and have a completely grain and sugar free dinner together. I also love to cook for people that don't eat the way we do and show them how great the food we eat truly is. There isn't the deprivation that people automatically assume when they hear grain and sugar-free. Isn't it crazy how many great recipes there are online. I love to look through your Pinterest boards of grain and sugar-free recipes. I don't think I have yet to find a recipe that couldn't be made healthy (oh, and still taste good :-)

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8 am
"Boys what do you want for breakfast?"  I get a response from Sam "eggs and one of Grandma's muffins" and from Jon, "Dad's cereal in my blue bowl".  Blue bowl is a super cool bowl our friend Megan bought that has the straw attached to drink the milk, Dad's cereal is "Dad's cereal" because it's what he eats every singe day and Grandma's muffins are her specialty muffins that she has down to a science, they are doughnut muffins and delicious.  Pretty simple requests.  I eat eggs almost daily fried in coconut oil, so I have those on hand and remember last week I 8x the batch of cereal so that is in cupboard.  Luckily Grandma gave us a big batch of muffins to accommodate Sam's request.    (I don't  recommend using Splenda as author of recipe suggests in muffins :-)

I'm pumped that I get leftover broccoli salad for lunch.  It is AMAZING! Super easy to make too.  The boys are having grass fed hot dogs (no buns, but they never ate them anyway), cut up veggies with Wheat Belly ranch dressing, string cheese and watermelon from Costco.  Yes, I let my kids have fruit daily.  They can handle carbs better than adults can.  I limit myself to berries once a day, if that.  But I'm not going to lie to you, I tasted (ok gobbled up) some of this delicious watermelon as I cut it up.  It tasted super sweet, but then again everything does when you don't consume sugar anymore.  It's nice to be able to truly taste your food now.  I tasted and enjoyed, and I will now let the rest go to my family. Way too many carbs for me.

3 pm
Spent the afternoon chasing Isaac around.  He has an obsession with our dogs food.  He eats it whenever he gets a chance and hand feeds it to our oldest dog Bear.  "A piece for me, a piece for you" kind of thing.  I was freaking out one day on Tom that I try so hard to keep wheat out of my kids diet and then my baby is eating dog food.  Well...Tom read ingredients on our last bag and NO WHEAT in it!! It's not grain free (brown rice and oatmeal) BUT NO WHEAT!  Maybe that is why my dogs have lived healthy lives and are still kicking at 13 & 14. You can roll your eyes at me but you know I think modern day wheat is the devil :-)  We have fed them this food since they were tiny.  I always gave Tom a hard time about the amount of money he spent on dog food.  Sorry honey! Worth every penny for their health. 

Spring is FINALLY here in Minnesota!  I promised the boys a picnic at our favorite playground.  Dinner was, rotisserie chicken, salsa, blue organic non gmo corn tortilla chips (insert gasp
here :-), cut up veggies, watermelon and juice boxes.  It's not a picnic to my boys without juice boxes.  I researched the shelves for the best natural product with the least amount of sugar and I came up with Fruitables.  Natural fruit and veggies and 6 grams of sugar.  I can live with that for occasional picnics.  I'm not a complete nazi :-) As for the blue organic corn chips, another special treat.  Not a staple in our home anymore but an ocassional treat for kiddos. Again, too many carbs for this lady! See, I'm not perfect and some "experts and die hard followers" would poo-poo me for including both the juice boxes and corn chips but I'm being real with you and yes, I do give these things to my kids ocassionally.  However I in no way promote it on a daily basis!!  No One needs all that sugar!  And yes, carbs=sugar so the chips are loaded with sugar! My kids burned a lot of that glucose off at the park so that helps too.  For more about how our bodies handle that sugar and starch this is a great video. It's a video I wish everyone in America would view!

Worst part of my day was hearing my almost 6 year old tell me that he wrote in his diary that he hates when him mom yells at him :-(  Broke my heart.  It's something I need to work on but when I've asked you to brush your teeth 10 times, my nice voice often gets a little louder and harsher.  Any which way I don't want to be a family that yells so I need to work on better ways to get kiddos to listen to me.  Magic solutions, welcome please! It was a great gateway for a conversation about how we can better work on things though. 

Best part of the day was watching my husband push his boys on the swing and play along with "live Mario Kart" in the park.  I even got to participate but of course, I was instructed that I had to be Princess Peach. That's ok I like to be a princess sometimes. Blessed!

Last but not should check out my friend Gina's new site.  It is amazing.  She is the one who helped me with this new direction. She is an inspiring woman! Warning though, you may spend quite a bit of time on her site navigating through her amazingness. 

Thank you again for reading along in our journey. Please leave your commets or feel free to reach me at



  1. Gotta make that brocolli salad! Picnic looks great, I can't wait to take rotissiare chicken on a picnic!

  2. Had to chuckle at Isaac's dog food eating. My oldest daughter did this for a couple of YEARS when she was little. We puzzled over it quite a bit at the time. Chuckles! Going try "Grandma's Muffins" we will be traveling next weekend and muffins work great for lunch in the car. Also, I keep that wheat belly ranch dressing in the fridge all the time-substitute coconut kefir for the sour cream in it for dairy free. Love the video links. You rock Joy!

  3. That is funny Jenna. I love the kefir idea. You need to educate me on how that process has gone for you guys!!!

  4. Loving your site! I am grain free and sugar free as well! Wheres the recipe for this broccoli salad? I want to make it for lunch!