Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day in the Life | Week 10

Happy Valentine's Day!  Life is soo sweet. As most of you know we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl in late March.  I have been feeling amazing and keep saying I would have 5 more kids if I knew pregnancy could feel this good (it's the part after birth that gets tough right?).  I attribute this to nutrition and the use of essential oils.  It feels great to have not once used an over the counter drug during this entire pregnancy.  Also feels great knowing my little peanut also has not been exposed to gluten either.  I'm not going to lie though, I have had a craving through this entire pregnancy for a Subway seafood sandwich and Tombstone pizza.  That is soo not like me!  I haven't given in though. 
I have been nesting like crazy!  My dear friend Carole finished up our nursery this week and I am more than blessed to have had her put this together.  Pretty cute huh?  Check out her Facebook page, her stuff is incredible!

Continuing to stay busy in the kitchen. Making Maria's famous peanut butter eggs tomorrow for the boys but in heart shapes.  I love to wrap them up in cute little bags and it makes them extra special.  I also have some yummy Dr. John's xylitol (birch source no GMO corn) candy to give them.  The boys are taking these suckers to school in their Valentine's.  We know they will get a fair share of candy at school but it will be like Halloween at the Chrest's...enjoy a few pieces and then it gets put away.  I know I am blessed that they never ask for it again.  Out of sight out of mind. On that subject....

Maria Emmerich posted this question this past week "What are your biggest hardships when it comes to your kids eating healthy" was my response.  
Social settings. We always avoid wheat 100% because of true health issues but have learned to follow the 90/10 rule when it comes to sugar and other grains. I'm ok with that though cuz I've learned it's about balance and I NEVER want my kids to have resentment and go off the deep end when away from me and our home. At a very young age they are learning proper nutrition and that this 10% is just that. Our bodies won't function well if we didn't follow good nutrition 90% of the time. I also am quick to point out any negative health consequences from not following our regular nutrition (constipation etc) so they make their own conclusions. When I first began this journey I would freak out in social settings, ended up with crying kiddos (even when bringing along healthy fun choices) obsessing how awful the choices were, and it completely stole my peace. I've found a good place for our family with this 90/10 rule. I believe they will take what I am teaching along with them in life doing it this way.

Day in the Life
9 am
Protein shakes with Jay Robb, peanut butter and banana along with some pumpkin bread.  I love all things pumpkin and so last night I decided to crack open a can of pumpkin I have been staring at for a couple weeks.  This morning I made a glaze for it with just some butter, Swerve confectioners. vanilla extract and a little milk.  So yummy. Who says pumpkin is only for the fall season.

12 pm
Grocery shopped all morning long. Aldi (if you haven't been lately, you should as they have a great selection of organic products)  Same brand of cherry tomatoes as Whole Foods and $3 cheaper!! Costco, and then Cub (only cuz I needed full fat greek yogurt and that can be tough to find sometimes).  Costco keeps increasing the amount of organic products they have and now they have green signs for anything organic.  It makes shopping a whole lot easier.  I have an awesome new source for organic produce though and I promise to get you that info in my next post.  If you live by like minded people that are interested in getting discounted organic produce this will be perfect for you!

6 pm
So I vowed I would not waste any of the organic produce I am getting.  Broccoli....ugh not my favorite.  Ended up whipping up broccoli cheese soup in my Vitamix for dinner and had grass fed minute steaks with it.  A cut of meat that can be tricky but not going to waste it.  I dipped it in egg and then almond flour and spices and fried it in butter on cast iron.  Was pretty yummy.  That's it for dinner.  I'm exhausted! Been battling with Sam lately on dinner time and I thought this was a great article.  We adopted it this week.  It's not putting a stop to him wanting a bedtime snack but those are easy and I don't mind.  Who can complain about peanut butter on a spoon. His favorite, and easy for us. Me on the other hand, I'm hungry at bedtime craving is luckily easy to fix as well. (I know I shouldn't use the microwave and you can use the oven if you have the patience) It's delightful with fresh strawberries on top and some heavy whipping cream dumped over it.  MMMM

Worst and Best

Worst was having to choose not to be offended by someones comments about my birthing choices for my baby.  I have adopted the philosophy that it is my choice to let someone offend me or not.  This has proven to be very difficult especially with pregnancy hormones!

Best was folding a couple little outfits we have for baby girl.  They are just soo tiny and I can hardly wait to meet her.  I feel so bad that I had such a hard time accepting the news that we were going to be blessed with another child.  It just wasn't a part of my plan at all but I now, can not imagine her not joining out family.  God is soooo amazing and he sure does work on our hearts if we let him. 

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