Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day in the Life | Week 1

I spent a day this week with an amazing woman who inspired me and gave me some great direction. God doesn't make mistakes when he puts people in your life.  A Godly, inspirational woman. Thank you Gina!!

I want to start by saying that I fully understand that this change of life can feel overwhelming. I want to take you on my daily journey and hope that you can grab some ideas to help you understand and apply why We Chose This :-)

I will be starting to do a day-in-the-life of my little family. Posting information of our meals, challenges and big wins for the day, seasoned with some tid-bits of information. I want you to see our real everyday, because I want to encourage you that you can do it too and I want you to know we aren't perfect, but taking one day at a time. I don't want you to think I am super mom because I am not! I have had people say "I could never do what you do, I simply don't have the time or knowledge"

 I did not get to where I am overnight and I still have a long way to go!  It's been a huge learning curve.  I also don't want you to feel like a bad person or parent if you don't do everything perfectly.  We feel guilt in our life in so many areas and that will not move you closer to change and if it maybe does, it will only make you resent it.

Any changes you make for yourself and family are beneficial and I am confident that God will bless you for your efforts.  Maybe this week it's researching what High Fructose Corn Syrup is and making a decision not to buy a single product with it in it or it's deciding that you are going to start to empty your cupboard of products with wheat in them.  I'm here to encourage you in any way I can to live this life of health!!! It's not about perfection!


8 am
"Mom, I want pancakes. I pulled out our go to Protein Pancake recipe. These stick with you. The first morning I fed these to Jon he didn't hardly touch his lunch. He normally gobbles lunch up but his lunchbox came home full. He said he wasn't hungry at lunch (12 noon) only took me a second to remember what was for breakfast. Crazy amount of protein in them. I always double this recipe and freeze. Topped them with lots of butter and Natures Hallow Xylitol syrup (cheapest prices at Yummy)

We are still pretty full from breakfast but Sam requests salami, string cheese, apple slices and a cucumber. I'm horrible at eating lunch. Peppers and a scoop of peanut butter is often my lunch. I remember one of my favorite things about the corporate world was lunches. Because I was addicted to food I often spent the morning thinking about what I'd order. Buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and a cheery coke (had to add the cherry for more sugar of course). Holy insulin abuse, no wonder I hit a wall at 3 pm every day. What a blessing it's been to not have those constant thoughts of food racing around in my head. To not be consuming the sugar and grains that lead my body on a crazy roller coaster crashing and burning. Take a minute to view this to see what I'm talking about in this video

3 pm
It's almost time to pick up Jon from school. Treat time for mama.
Old habits die hard but baby steps and at least I've traded the DQ Blizzards for Chocoperfection candy bars. There is something about needing chocolate. It can be a magnesium deficiency that causes chocolate cravings so if that's you you should try the supplement (besides cravings it does so much more check out the book Magnesium Miracle  I love the supplement but I still want my daily chocolate fix in my car at 4pm.

Dinner time I need to grocery shop but I have boneless chicken out so I decide on a stir fry. Coconut oil, homemade taco seasoning, red, green and yellow peppers and onions. Top this with shredded cheddar and sour cream. Everyone gobbles it up but Sam. He opts for a scoop of peanut butter on a spoon and three bites of just the chicken. He is the kid who will ask for a "bed night" snack a half hour after dinner. Frustrating. Luckily I run a McDonalds ice cream shop (at least in his eyes I do) and I can whip up a chocolate milk shake.

Our "McDonalds Milk Shake"

1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
4 tablespoons of Swerve
Unsweetened almond milk to desired consistency and ice cubes

If he didn't eat a great dinner I throw in Jay Robb protein powder 26 grams of protein. Makes me feel better knowing he is getting some protein.


Worst part of my day was finding the empty cereal container on the counter cuz really I don't feel like being in the kitchen today as easy as the process is now that I've learned shortcuts. I don't love to cook every day, I can compare this to exercise. Some days you don't want to do it but you decide to, and five minutes into your workout you are so glad you chose to follow through. It feels good to have made a good choice.

Best part of the day was building a zoo with Sam. Imaginative play with a child is the best even though he tells me what, and how I'm supposed to act, I didn't really want to be a cheetah, I wanted to be a monkey :-).

So there it is. The first day in the life post! I am looking forward to sharing these with you weekly and maybe even with some photos moving forward. Thank you again for reading along in our journey.

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