Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day in the Life | Week 5

I apologize that I'm so behind on these posts. If I could have a computer by my bedside I'd be blogging daily as there are so many things that go through my head I think that I want to write about.

Back from vacation and here to admit nutritionally I went a bit on vacation too.  I had real sugar for the first time in a LONG time (other than a small amount in a restaurant dressing or something).  I had some of my son's ice cream at a favorite ice cream shop in Hayward.  I can honestly say I felt so yucky afterwards.  I can't even explain the yuckiness I felt.  I also had some organic corn tortilla chips and a few cocktails while on vacation.  After being grain/sugar free for so long and knowing what eating those things does to my body I never thought that they could so easily sneak back into my life.  Eating this way is a conscious decision made daily.  Not one of convenience but of choice. Feeling how I did was confirmation that this way of life is the only way for me.  It's honestly not even about weight it's about health emotionally and physically.  ++3

  I forgave myself, detoxed with much lemon water and am now having a great week. But what a slippery slope!  I think a big mistake people make is forgetting that these foods can be straight up addicting.  Sugar is best left to the hummingbirds :-)
On a positive note I found some great products that were awesome to take for convenience on our vacation.  You need a bank roll to afford but sometimes you don't feel like baking or cooking and these are great choices.  We know that this country doesn't make eating healthy cheap! Here is a great read on that.


9 am
It's a bulletproof coffee kind of morning but not before my warm lemon water.  I have read some info about bulletproof coffee fasting (if you try this, PLEASE give me your feedback).  Might be something to try if you have a few stubborn pounds of fat hanging around.  I'm a huge fan of intermittent fasting.  If you have been following this way of life you probably fast often and don't even know it.  Skipping meals because you simply aren't hungry.  A beautiful thing, not needing to gnaw your arm off :-)

12 pm
Picnic lunches are here and I love packing them in our Planet Box's.  Great investment for yourself or your kiddos.  I just got one for Tom because I get so sick of all the Tupperware containers, baggies, etc. P.S. the dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's are an awesome treat in moderation.  That is what is in the lunch below.

3 pm
Snack time, however I will say that my kids don't snack much since eating this way.  I was telling a friend how much money we save by not having a pantry full of snacks.  I may have created a monster with these Skinny Crisps though.  They are AMAZING.  Best price is at Netrition.
 Then I found a store bought chip!  I know some of you don't eat potatoes and they are a rare treat for me because of carbs (hint: always load with mega butter if you are going to indulge) but my kiddos can handle more carbs so they love these! I ordered a case. Jackson's Honest Potato Chips.

6 pm
Dinner time humor....Check out the ad below. Really, Rachel Ray, you won't give your dogs grains because you know they aren't healthy but you will push them on your viewers.  Oh well.  Gave us something to laugh about as I cruised through the coupons.  Every notice how little coupons you can clip living this way.  Oh well, I'll take my health instead of savings.  And speaking of health, check out my friend Devon's photo below.  This winter I spoke to a group of women at our church about this lifestyle.  Her heart was inspired to try this way of life. Her and her family are doing amazing.  Her picture shows her ditching that bag of wheat for weight loss and health.   

Worst part of my day today was having to pass up the awesome strawberries from my CSA because I'm detoxing from sugar this week.  Temporary Joy, temporary Joy. 
Best part was Jon's Dr. removing asthma from his permanent medial chart and writing in Gluten Intolerant.  What a success. He refuses (and us too) to put Jon back on gluten just for some tests to prove he has an allergy/intolerance. Even he said how inaccurate these tests can be. Real life exposure has shown symptoms come roaring back.    He was so happy to hear a clear set of lungs. He recalls always hearing raspiness coming from Jon even in the middle of the summer. Jon was diagnosed with pneumonia 5 times in his life already. We now know it was asthma induced but really just the gluten.  Praise God for the revelation!  No steroids for my child the rest of his life. 
 Stories like this make me wish that friends with health problems, or kids with health problems would just give 30 days of elimination to see how they react.  The tests just aren't always accurate and Dr.'s even admit that.  Why do you need a test when real life and how you and your child feels could be the true test.  Prayers for those people because I know that this way of life seems overwhelming for people.  I get that. Truly I do.  I'm here to help in any way I can. I promise the rewards are worth every second put into it.   Much blessings, and I'll try to keep up to date on my posts. 
(picture of Jon with a "real" Bible he received, he is loving reading it.  So cool for this mom to see.)

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